Business Coaching

Group coaching sessions

  • Leading others to deliver efficiency and effectiventess 
  • Leading others through change
  • Behaviour change
  • Develop a reflective business
  • Develop reflective individuals - solution focussed

Individual coaching

  • Leaders
  • Managers 
  • Workforce
  • Become a solution focussed individual

Coaching outcomes

Resilience and challenge

Individuals who are able to reflect, evaluate and overcome barriers.  

Leaders and managers that can think for themselves, identifying solutions to barriers rather than bringing the issue to the table.

People that can have challenging and professional dialogue that leads to focussed outcomes.

Motivation and positivity

Can do attitude to work, always looking for ways to support the business and colleagues around them.

Works exceptionally well under pressure of time or accountability with a positive mind-set. 

Intrinsically motivated to be proud of their work and do the best they can each day.

Profitability and efficiency

A business that embeds the above behaviours and attitudes to work has a much greater chance of being successful.

Strong relationships between leaders, managers and the wider workforce.

Less recruitment issues and costs.

Positive and happy workforce - less days absent.

More productive use of time.